Call for Proposals

May 31, 2017 Deadline for Submission

Kentucky Exceptional Children’s Conference
Call for Proposals
Louisville, Kentucky
November 19, 20, 21, 2017
Deadline for Submission: May 31, 2017

On behalf of the Kentucky Exceptional Children’s Conference, you are cordially invited to submit presentation proposals for the 2017 Conference. Session presentations occur Sunday through Tuesday of conference week and are selected from this Call.
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The Kentucky Exceptional Children’s Conference goal is to advance excellent teaching and learning for students who have disabilities. Proposals should align with the conference strands and Kentucky Teacher Standards.

  • Review all the information and instructions regarding proposal submission prior to completing the online proposal form. It is helpful to develop your proposal description and review it carefully prior to beginning the online form.  That way you will have a copy if your submission fails for any reason.

  • Sessions should be designed from a professional learning perspective and align with the conference strands and Kentucky Teacher Standards.

  • Sessions are 6-hours, 3-hours, and 1.5 hours in length. Sessions should be designed to engage participants.

  • Sessions that include diverse presentation teams are also a priority in terms of selection for the program. The selection committees value diversity of presentation teams in terms of race, culture, gender, level of experience, and areas of educational expertise.

  • Sessions that include teachers and practitioners are given priority. Those who work with schools are encouraged to submit presentations with practitioners as co-presenters.

  • Submit your proposal by May 31, 2017.

A broad range of topics will be included in the program. Selection of the primary and secondary topic areas is important to ensure that your proposal is directed to reviewers qualified to make the most appropriate evaluation of its merits. Topic areas are listed below:

  • Behavioral Health

  • Classroom Management

  • College and Career Readiness

  • Communication

  • Early Childhood

  • Language Arts

  • Leadership

  • Math

  • Research to Practice

  • Universal Design for Learning

To encourage broad program participation, you may submit TWO presentations. You may also be listed as a co-presenter on TWO presentations (a total of four listings).

Proposals that promote commercially available products, services, or programs will be considered only if a currently practicing teacher who is implementing the product/service is co-presenting.

Submission of Proposal
Once you have submitted your proposal, the system will send you an automatic response acknowledging receipt. If you have difficulty submitting a proposal online, or do not receive an automatic acknowledgement, please contact Carrie Bearden at

KY Exceptional Children’s Conference will send a notice to each person who submitted a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, your conference registration is due no later than October 15, 2017.

  • May 31, 2017: Proposals due

  • August 2017: Notification of outcome will be sent to you in August.

  • October 15, 2017: Registration for presenters must be received by this date to avoid cancellation of your session.

Proposals are reviewed by the Conference Advisory Committee. Reviewers use the proposal scoring criteria below as the basis for scoring proposals and evaluating them.

Proposal Scoring Criteria

  • To what degree does the proposal address how professional learning advances school or district improvement, student achievement, and educator performance?

  • To what degree does the session proposal outline a process that models the best in adult learning, participant engagement, and clearly delineated session outcomes?

  • To what degree does the proposal provide a unique, creative, or innovative solution to conference attendees?

  • To what degree is the proposal informed by research and/or evidence-based practice?

  • To what degree does the impact statement in the proposal demonstrate the effect of professional learning on student achievement, educator performance, and school or district improvement.

  • Presentation teams that include school district employee(s) will be awarded additional points.

Selection Criteria
In addition to the scores awarded a proposal by reviewers, criteria that can be used to determine the selection of a proposal for the program include:

  • The number of submissions for an area of focus or topics addressed

  • The number of hours requested in a proposal

  • The composition of the presentation team

All presenters and co-presenters must be conference registrants. Presenters must register for the conference by October 15, 2017. Presenters are expected to be learners as well as presenters.

If you have questions, please contact Carrie Bearden, Conference Coordinator, at