Nominations for KYCEC Officers

General Information and Nomination Ballot

Nominations for Open Vacancies

The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children extends an invitation to CEC members in good standing to submit a nomination ballot for any person interested in a state office. Not all offices are up for nomination. Complete the ballot below to nominate a qualified candidate for any or all the open position(s) at this time. Make additional copies of the Ballot as needed and return to the Past President by the deadline for nominations as instructed below.

Vice President 
This office carries a four-year commitment.  The Vice President succeeds to President Elect, President, and Past President.  The Vice President conducts the duties of the President in the absence of the President and President Elect, and serves as Editor of the Newsletter.  The President Elect chairs the state convention and the Past President is in charge of awards and nominations.

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary, a voting member of the KYCEC Executive Board, keeps an accurate roll of attendance at each meeting as well as prepares and presents the minutes of each meeting of the Executive and General Boards.  Term of Office – two years

Membership Chair (Not open in 2017)
The Membership Chair is responsible for council membership campaigns and provides guidance or support to local units.  This officer is a voting member of the KYCEC Executive Board.  Term of Office – three years

Persons interested in submitting a nomination should complete the nomination ballot bellow and return it to Rhonda Simpson, Past President, by May 15, 2017 at:

Office nominated for: _______________________________________________________________

Name of nominee: __________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Phone: (Office)____________________________(Home)___________________________________

To be valid, all information must be provided.  Please include a recent copy of nominee’s vita and letter of support. 
Nominator and nominee must be members of CEC and the ballot must be signed by the nominator. 

Name of nominator: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone (Office)____________________________ (Home)____________________________________